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AWOL Hunting Varmints with Ken Erickson

AWOL Hunting Varmints

Ken Erickson AWOL

Ken Erickson grew up in a family that had no interest in shooting sports, Ken has been hunting for as long as he can remember.  As a kid he'd make slingshots for his neighbourhood chums, and he'd head down to the creek after English sparrows, starlings, and grackles.  In his early twenties he moved to the Prairies and has admittedly never been happier.

Ken is a rifleman and he likes to match the 'firearm' to the species being hunted.  Ken encourages the use of any legal means to take varmint species.  For Ken, that includes bows, spears (including atlatls and harpoons), slings, airguns, shotguns, throwing sticks, throwing nets, sophisticated pea shooters, slingshots--the list goes on.

For years I've wanted to record my hunting.  Now, in my later years, I am finding my video camera particularly enjoyable and have been filming videos for this site.



AWOL Hunting Varmints focuses on aspects of varmint hunting.  If an animal is considered a varmint where you live, it's probably appropriate for this site.  Where Ken Erickson lives coyotes, foxes, beavers, crows, and gophers are the primary varmints.  However, many other animals would also fit into the varmint category, such as pigeons, carp, black birds, and grasshoppers.  And there are many more...

Ken chose AWOL Hunting Varmints as the name of his website because He's one of those people that could spend nearly every day out hunting or shooting (a true shooter, no "acting" or "fluff").  A.W.O.L., in military jargon, means Absent With Out Leave.  At home, that's Ken, sometimes.  Erickson would rather hunt varmints than just about anything else.  In fact, He'd tend to let other responsibilities wait for another day when an opportunity to hunt or shoot arises.  Some might say that he should be old enough to know better but, personally, we think he'll always be too young to resist.

We are certain you will feel that you've arrived at one of the best online sources of media and information for varmint hunting techniques and practices.  Feel free to browse the hunting videos, the clips of scenes that didn't make it into AWOL's full-length videos, the online store, the photo gallery, the forum, and/or the varmint hunting articles.  Feel free to tell us your great stories or just ask some questions on the forum.  And, please, drop us a line when you have something to share with Ken privately:

KEN ERICKSON'S AWOL Hunting Varmints

NFP,USA's Favorite Hunting videos with "the Gunslinger Corral's" Favorite Shooter"

Awol Winter Magic

Winter Magic DVD - $14.95 Buy Online

Predator hunting in eastern and western Canada with over 22 kills. Professionally produced by John Summerfeld with guest hunter, Ken Erickson, in western Canadian hunts. This DVD is a sure hit [no pun intended of course].

Awol Season Ends

DVD 1 The Season Never Ends 1 - $14.95 Buy Online

Over 2 hours of exciting, explosive varmint action! Follow Ken as he hunts predators, beavers, carp, prairie dogs and winged varmints. This DVD was not planned as a "how-to", but as you watch Ken's hunting methods you'll be entertained.

Season Ends 2

DVD 2 The Season Never Ends 2 - $14.95 Buy Online *Dubb's Favorite!

Hunting video,"The Season Never Ends 2": Stalking & Calling Foxes & Coyotes with Ken Erickson; Go AWOL for two years of predator hunting; get tips on hunting and on filming your hunts; 116 minutes/41 hunts/18 foxes/26 coyotes

AWOL Varmint Sniper10 - $224.00

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The AWOL Varmint Sniper10 is a fixed 10-power, external-adjustment scope with crosshairs designed to aid in ranging coyotes and foxes out to 500 yards. This unique crosshair design also has windage and mil-dot markings. Instructions included.

AWOL Varmint Scope
AWOL Varmint Hunting

What You Need to Start Hunting Coyotes By: Ken Erickson

Here’s my list of equipment for hunting coyotes, ranked informally from least important to most important. I hope it encourages you to get out hunting. SCENT If a coyote gets down wind,..........Read Article

Varmint hunting  Scope

Scope Use in the Field By: Ken Erickson

My coyote hunting partner, Rick, has tried to teach me to use mil-dots, but I tend to be concrete in my thinking and it's difficult to be fluid past 40 years of age (and I'm almost a generation older.......Read Article

Crow Hunting

Crow Hunting and Hunting for Beaver By: Ken Erickson

Although this Saturday in April was a busy day, I had planned to take some time late in the afternoon to look for crows and to see if I could find a beaver.We left home just before 4:00...

AWOL Bow Fishing
Bow Fishing Information & Bow Hunting Stories

by: Ken Erickson . *Click Here*

Bowfishing Carp Hunting Ken Erickson


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